No-salt “water softeners”: Is the QUICK way always the BEST way to fix your water problems?

Water Purification

If you have heard celebrities touting the virtues of “no-salt” water softeners, you might think that this is a miraculous solution to the hard water we have in Rockford and northern Illinois.  The truth about these quick solutions is this:  they don’t work in our area!  In theory, they are designed to make the hardness minerals (calcium, magnesium, etc.) stay in suspension so they don’t stick to your pipes, water heater, or appliances.  They DON’T soften the water, so you will have to continue using huge quantities of soap for washing clothes, bathing, etc.

We have such hard water in our area that these “no-salt” devices just cannot accomplish what advanced water softeners can do.  Improved technology allows the Home Environment Center to correctly size water softeners for each home for maximum efficiency with the minimum of salt.  Our water softeners only regenerate on demand, when the softening capacity has been exhausted.  Older models of water softeners used to regenerate every 3 or 4 days, regardless of usage.  Newer technologies allow us to adjust the settings to accommodate all kinds of hardness and iron levels in our water.

Call us at the Home Environment Center at 815-282-9000 if you have problems with your water and would like expert solutions.  We will do a free water quality check in your home at no charge.  And remember, the QUICK solution is probably not the BEST solution to hard water problems.

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