What people are saying about the “winter blues”

Chase away the "winter blues"

Living in a northern climate, I am hearing a lot of people complaining about the “winter blues” this time of year.  We feel like sleeping late in the morning, we feel “down”, we crave carbs, and we become couch potatoes.  I rarely hear my friends in Florida complaining about these things. 

Research has shown that underexposure to natural daylight can result in sleeplessness, the winter blues, fatigue, and increased appetite.  Many people are mildly affected by the winter blues and can improve their mood by using light therapy.  At the Home Environment Center, you can purchase a HappyLight by Verilux which can be placed on your desk or near your work surface.  HappyLights by Verilux deliver spectrally balanced and measured light, helping the body recalibrate and normalize function.  Improvements in energy, concentration and mood are common when using light therapy.

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One Response to What people are saying about the “winter blues”

  1. Mike Bayer says:

    What a bright idea!

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