Bed bugs are traveling all over. Do you know how to spot them? They know how to spot you!

Adult bedbugs

Bedbugs in Rockford, Illinois?  No one believes this.  But, they’re here!!!

It’s important to learn how to identify bedbugs.  A friend of mine found one on the upholstered pew in church recently.  One customer came into the Home Environment Center fearful that she had an infestation of bed bugs!  “What makes you think that?” I asked.  “Because I heard your commercials on the radio and you mentioned that bed bugs create pepper-like specks around the bed and on the bedding.  I noticed that I have bites on my legs!  I am terrified.  I am so glad that you do those commercials, because I wouldn’t have known what was going on otherwise.  I googled it on the internet and I am sure that’s what I am seeing in my bedroom.” 

I checked with my local pest control expert to get some more information to help our customers.  “Did you know that a starvation diet for a bed bug is MORE than 365 days?” he asked.  “They can live without feeding on mammals for over a year.  They find their food source by smelling carbon dioxide and following it.  So, if you move out of your bedroom and onto your living room couch to escape the bed bugs, they will follow you and will then infest that!”

mature bedbug

A mattress and box springs is a major investment.  To protect that investment.  You have to encase everything, including your pillows, with encasings.  Encasings are breatheable fabric covers which resemble a pillowcase with a zipper on one end.  They create a barrier which does not allow dust mites OR bed bugs to penetrate.  Bed bugs live in cracks and crevices in walls, baseboards, headboards, furniture, etc.  They come out when it’s dark and feed on your blood.  They can be razor thin – thinner than a credit card.  It is very important that you treat your home for bed bugs as SOON as you spot the problem.  A pest control expert that is experienced in this problem should be called in immediately.  All mattresses, pillows, and box springs should be covered to keep the bed bugs from infesting them.  If you spot bedbugs early, you can eliminate them before they get firmly established.

When traveling, avoid putting your luggage on the floor of the hotel room.  Keep things on hangers and on luggage racks.  Look for evidence of bedbugs, which can be dark red specks (dried blood) or tiny flecks (bed bug “poop”).  If you see any signs of bedbugs, ask for a different room.  Go online and read everything you can to educate yourself on this topic.  Bedbugs are a terrible nuisance and are extremely hard to get rid of once they have made your home their home.  It is possible to find bedbugs hiding in second hand clothing and furniture, rental cars, and airplanes.  Learn how to spot them and be aware!

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  2. What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I liked this post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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