Do you know how to reduce your exposure to springtime allergens?

Springtime allergens are causing havoc in the midwest!  People are coming into the Home Environment Center with complaints of runny noses and sinus congestion.  We nearly sold out of our most popular sinus nasal spray, Xlear. If you suffer from seasonal allergies in the spring, try to avoid spending time in places with lots of flowering trees.  Pine trees are a major source of pollen, as well.  When the wind blows, you can see clouds of pollen blowing off most trees and you not only breathe these particles in, but you carry them inside when they land in your hair and in your clothes. Doctors recommend that people with severe seasonal allergies leave clothes outside and shower as soon as possible when they come inside to limit their exposure.  Don’t open your windows but use your air conditioning if temperatures get too warm. Nasal irrigation and sinus nasal sprays like Xlear will soothe sinus passages and will help relieve some of the discomfort you will be having. Air purifiers will clean the air in your home and will filter pollen out of the air so you don’t breathe it in.

Stop in or call the Home Environment Center to learn more about products which will help you deal with springtime allergies.

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